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Arts Open Elective Courses

Level One, Level Two and Level Three courses are identified by the catalogue number starting with '1', '2' or '3'', e.g. ARTS 1007, ENGL 2048 or FREN 3408.

Please note: Students who started their degree prior to 2016 may complete Level 2 or Level 3 courses (previously known as Advanced Level courses) in second and third year.

Course Planning Tools

  • Study Plans - before enrolling, review the study plan for your program
  • Calendar - check the academic rules relevant to your program
  • Course Planner - timetable, course description and course suitability details
  • Course Outlines - coordinator details, learning outcomes, assessment and required resources

2017 Level One Courses

2017 Level Two Courses

2017 Level Three Courses

*These language courses are taught by Flinders University staff. Students are required to enrol cross-institutionally through Flinders University

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