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Honours FAQs

Our Honours FAQs may help to answer your questions about Honours enrolment.

  • Can I study Honours part-time?

    Honours can be studied on a part-time basis, provided that there are grounds for approval such as:

    • Students with caregiver responsibilities
    • Students with greater than or equal to half-time employment
    • Students with significant sickness or disability
    • Compassionate reasons

    You should apply for part-time Honours upon commencement of the program, by outlining your circumstances to the relevant Honours convenor.

    If you have already enrolled in a full-time Honours program and find that you need to change to part-time, you must complete an Honours - Change of Attendance Status form and submit this to the Faculty Office by the relevant deadline.

    Please note: the option of switching to part time honours may not be available in your chosen discipline. Please contact the Faculty Office for advice.

    It should be clear that you are unable to (rather than choose not to) complete the requirements on a full-time basis. Supporting documentation must be included, e.g. a medical certificate or proof of employment, plus written approval from your Honours supervisor.

  • Do I enrol in my Honours courses as part of my Bachelor's degree?

    No. Honours courses must be enrolled under an Honours program. You will be notified via email once your Honours program has been activated in Access Adelaide. This will occur in January, once your bachelor's degree has been formally completed/conferred on your record.

    You must not enrol until you have received this confirmation. If you have any questions, please contact the Faculty Office.

  • Can Honours be deferred?

    Acceptance into an Honours program may not be deferred. If you no longer wish to accept your offer, you should withdraw from all of your courses via Access Adelaide by the relevant critical dates, and notify your Honours supervisor. If you wish to resume Honours in the future, you will need to re-apply.

    If you withdraw after the census date, you will receive a grade of WNF and your Honours will be recorded as 'Not Awarded'.

  • What are the critical dates for Honours enrolment?

    All amendments to your enrolment must be completed online. Please be aware of the critical dates, as outlined on the University website for each calendar year.

  • Can I study a combined Honours program?

    Some students elect to study a combined Honours program across two disciplines. If you would like to study a combined Honours program, you will first need to seek approval from the Honours convenors in both disciplines.

    Once you have gained approval, please contact the Faculty Office, who will help facilitate your enrolment.

  • Can I start Honours midyear?

    Some Honours programs offer midyear commencement while others do not. Please see the Enrolment Guides on the Honours page, which will advise if each program is available to start midyear.

  • Can I take a leave of absence/break in my studies?

    If you are unable to complete your Honours program in the specified timeframe due to extenuating circumstances e.g. medical, personal or employment related reasons, you can apply for a leave of absence.

    To apply for a leave of absence, please provide the following:

    • a signed letter explaining your circumstances
    • an original or certified copy of supporting documentation, e.g. a letter from a medical practitioner, counsellor, or Education and Welfare Officer

    Applications should be submitted to:

    Arts Academic Progress Committee
    Faculty of Arts
    University of Adelaide SA 5005

    Once received, your application will be processed within 2 weeks and you will be notified of the outcome via your student email account. Your application and any supporting documentation will be added to your secure and private student file

    Please Note: Honours courses may not be on offer in both semesters and you may have to defer for 12 months

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