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Program Rules

The academic rules of your program define the structure of your degree, which must be followed to ensure that you are eligible to graduate. The rules specify in full detail:

  • which courses you can and can't count toward your program
  • which courses are compulsory (where applicable)
  • how many courses you must pass at each level
  • how many courses you must pass overall
  • what courses are required to qualify for a major and minor (where applicable)

All students are expected to become familiar with the rules of their programs. Please see the rules for Arts Programs. Students enrolled in a double degree coordinated by another Faculty should consult the rules for the relevant Faculty.


There are various policies that govern your study at the University of Adelaide. These include policies for assessment and exams, academic progress, grievances, academic credit, and student conduct.

Student Charter

The Student Charter provides you with an overview of what you can expect of the University, and of your responsibilities as a student.

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