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Retrospective Withdrawal Without Failure

If you are unable to complete the requirements of a course due to extenuating circumstances, eg medical, personal, or employment related reasons, you may be eligible for a retrospective withdrawal without failure (WNF).

Application process

Submit an application in writing including:

  • a signed letter explaining your circumstances and listing the courses (and teaching period) you wish to withdraw from;
  • an original or certified copy of supporting documentation, eg a letter from a medical practitioner, counsellor, or Education and Welfare Officer, and
  • your student ID and a contact email address (this should be your student email account if you are currently enrolled).

Submit applications to:
Secretary, Academic Progress Committee
Faculty of Arts
University of Adelaide SA 5005


Assessment process and timelines

Your application must be received within 12 months of the date of withdrawal from the course, or 12 months from the last day of assessment for that semester or term, if you did not withdraw.

Applications will not be considered:

  • If it is outside the 12 month period;
  • If you have received an Intention to Exclude Notification due to your risk status being changed to Unsatisfactory in accordance with the University’s Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy.

Once received, your application will be processed within 4 weeks and you will be notified of the outcome via your student email. Assessment of any applications will take into account the outcome of prior applications, if applicable. Your application and any supporting documentation will be added to your secure and private student file.

Please note, a retrospective withdrawal is granted only in exceptional circumstances.  The University deems that special circumstances apply where the circumstances:

  • were beyond your control and were not due to your action or inaction, and
  • did not occur, or did not make their full impact on you known, until after the census date for the course(s), and
  • made it impracticable for you to meet the attendance and/or assessment requirements of the course(s).

It is not sufficient to plead ignorance of the appropriate withdrawal dates and procedures as these are well publicised and all students are responsible for making themselves aware of the requirements of their enrolment.

Remissions/Re-credits/Re-Payments in Special Circumstances

In addition to applying to vary your enrolment record, you may also wish to seek:

Please note that this is a separate process to a retrospective withdrawal without failure.
For more information about special circumstances remission/re-credit/re-payment, and to download an application form, please see the Student Finance website.

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