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Contact Hours and Workload

The contact hours and workload can vary from course to course.

Most courses (subjects) have two 50 minute lectures and one 1 hour tutorial, workshop, or seminar, per week (a total of 3 hours per course). The exception to this are language courses which usually have up to 5 hours of classes each week.

If you plan to be a full-time student by enrolling in 12 units per semester, this will equate to between 12 - 20 hours of classes per week. You can find out how many and what type of classes there are for each course using the Course Planner.

These contact hours might appear minimal, however you'll also need to set time aside to complete work outside of class, e.g. complete set readings, prepare for tutorials, and research and write assignments. The recommended amount of time to set aside for this is 6-10 hours per week per course.

So in total, you should expect to be studying for approximately 40 hours per week, which means you'll need to carefully manage your time.

The more you put in, the more you will get out of your University studies.

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