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Enrolment Errors

You may receive an error message when trying to enrol online for a number of reasons, including full classes, timetable clashes, unit overloads and failed pre-requisites.

If you receive an error you will need to contact the Faculty Office and quote the Enrolment Request ID number, e.g. 0003230098.

Please read about the different types of enrolment errors that may occur and how to avoid them.

  • Full Classes

    Once a program has opened for enrolment, students enrol in classes on a ‘first come first served' basis. Popular class times, e.g. a tutorial immediately after the lecture, will fill up quickly. We suggest that you enrol sooner rather than later to maximise your chances of a good timetable.

    Most courses in the Faculty of Arts do not have a quota. If you notice that all the classes within a course are completely full, please contact the Faculty Office. You should also contact the Faculty Office if, due to special circumstances, you need to enrol into a particular class time that is full. Due to room sizes and OHS regulations, requests cannot always be accommodated.

  • Timetable Clashes

    Prior to enrolling, it is important to plan your timetable. Planning will help you to optimise your timetable by avoiding large gaps between classes during the day, and ensuring that classes you have selected do not clash. To assist you to plan your timetable, please use a Class Planner Worksheet.

    If you cannot resolve your clash, e.g. there is a clash between two lectures and no alternative times, you can request a timetable clash override by contacting the Faculty Office. However, a request will not be considered unless you have first attempted to enrol in the courses. The clash will cause the second enrolment to fail and Access Adelaide to display an Enrolment Request ID Number. This number will allow the Faculty Office to access the enrolment request so that it can be overridden.

    Clashes between classes for which attendance is compulsory, e.g. two tutorials, will not be overridden. It is always preferable to select courses/classes that do not clash with one another.

  • Overloading

    Whilst discouraged, it is possible to enrol in up to 15 units per semester, which is an overload of 3 units. If you wish to enrol in greater than 15 units per semester, you will need to complete a Unit Overload Request form.

    To have an overload approved, you must have achieved a GPA of at least 5.5 (between a Credit and Distinction average) based on an enrolment of at least 4 courses per semester.

  • Pre-Requisites

    Some courses have pre-requisites. For example, you may be required to have passed a particular course before you are eligible to enrol in another. All Advanced Level Arts courses require you to have completed at least 12 units at Level I before you are eligible to enrol (BA (Advanced) students exempt).

    The online enrolment system will not prevent you from enrolling in courses for which you don't have the pre-requisite, so it is your responsibility to ensure that you enrol correctly. The pre-requisites for each course can be viewed via the Course Planner

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