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Cross-Institutional Study

Students enrolled at the University of Adelaide may apply to study courses offered by other universities cross-institutionally.

Approval will only be given in the following circumstances:

  • the content of the selected course or courses is not provided at the University of Adelaide at any time during the relevant year, or
  • the selected courses are part of an approved student exchange scheme, or
  • there are, in the opinion of the Faculty, sound educational or personal reasons, or
  • there is a formal cross-institutional agreement between the University of Adelaide and another higher education provided, e.g. the Flinders Language Outreach program.

To apply, you will need to complete an Outbound Cross-Institutional Form, and lodge it at the Faculty Office with the following supporting documentation:

  1. a syllabus description of the course(s) you wish to study
  2. the subject area and catalogue number indicating the level of study
  3. the name of the University that teaches the course(s)

Please note the following conditions:

  • permission will only be granted for courses that are not offered by the University of Adelaide
  • cross-institutional study is not included in the University of Adelaide GPA calculation for your program
  • approval is granted in accordance with the Academic Credit Arrangements policy

Once the form has been sumbitted to the Faculty Office, you will be notified of the outcome via your student email account.

If the application is approved, it will serve as the authority to enrol at the other institution. The approval is subject to the permission of the other institution and you will need to enrol according to its instructions and deadlines.

On successful completion of the course(s), you must provide the Faculty Office with an academic transcript from the other institution to receive the credit.

Please note that your University of Adelaide transcript will not record the details of the course(s) undertaken or the result achieved. It will simply indicate that unspecified credit has been awarded. Credit awarded from cross-institutional study will not count toward your University of Adelaide grade point average (GPA).


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