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Academic Credit Transfer

If you have completed study at another tertiary institution, you may apply for credit towards your University of Adelaide undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Credit is granted in accordance with the University's Academic Credit Arrangements Policy. Please see the Academic Credit FAQs below for further information.

  • What type of credit can I apply for?

    Specified Credit - If you have undertaken study that has substantially the same content, and is of the same standard as an equivalent course offered at this University, you can get specified credit. For example, BEHL 1003 Psychology 1A at Flinders is equivalent to PSYCHOL  1000 Psychology 1A at Adelaide.

    Unspecified Credit
    - This is credit that recognises your prior study, but there is no equivalent course at the University of Adelaide. Unspecified credit can be discipline specific - e.g. unspecified History credit, Arts unspecified credit (recognising it's general Humanities and Social Sciences credit), or general unspecified credit.

    Articulated Credit - Some VET courses have University-approved articulated pathways which provide a certain amount and type of credit toward a particular degree.

  • When is the deadline to apply for credit?

    If you are a new student, you should submit an application for credit as soon as you receive your offer and no later than 2 weeks before the start of semester.  Applications received within this timeframe will be assessed by the end of week 1 of semester.
    If your application will not affect your semester enrolment, you can submit it at any time prior to graduation, however you may not be entitled to as much credit if you have already completed a substantial amount of study.

  • How do I apply?

    Once you have gained entry into a degree you can apply to gain credit for your previous studies. Follow the steps below to apply for credit:

    • Login to the Credit Transfer Application using your University of Adelaide student number and password
    • Add your prior learnings you want considered for credit
    • Submit your credit application ("petition")

    Your application for credit will be processed by the relevant faculty. You may be contacted if we require further information and the outcome of your application will be sent to you when complete. You may login into the Credit Transfer Application anytime to check the progress of your application and communicate with faculty staff.

    Please ensure you have relevant documents such as academic transcripts ready, in electronic format so you can upload them to support your application.

    If your prior study was completed at the University of Adelaide, you do not need to apply for credit. You should discontinue your previous program and request a study plan to see where your previous courses will fit into your active program.

  • How much credit can I get?

    The minimum number of University of Adelaide units required for a University of Adelaide award are provided in Table 1 of the Academic Credit Arrangements Policy.

    The amount of credit that is granted will depend on:

    • The level of previous study (Bachelors degree, Diploma, or Certificate IV)
    • The type of credit that is granted (specified or unspecified)
    • Which major and/or minor you intend to do (if applicable)
    • Whether there are compulsory courses in your degree.
  • Can I get credit towards my major and/or minor?

    Yes, you can be granted specified credit or unspecified discipline credit that can count toward your major or minor.   

    Credit for core or major/minor courses will not be granted for study completed more than 10 ago. Students must complete at least 6 units of Advanced Level courses toward their major or minor at the University of Adelaide.

  • Can I get credit for Certificate III or IV study?

    Credit is not granted for Certificate III or lesser awards. For a completed Certificate IV in any field, up to 6 units of credit at Level 1 can be awarded.   

    Incomplete Cert IV, Diplomas, or Advanced Diploma programs attract no credit.

  • Can I get credit for work experience?

    You can be considered for credit on the basis of previous work experience. To apply, you'll need to submit an Application for Credit form, along with the following information:

    1. Nominate the specific course or courses you are seeking credit for. Credit for prior informal learning is only granted for a specific course. This means you’ll need to review the curriculum for your degree program and nominate the specific course/s that your work experience aligns with (up to a maximum of 6 units). 
    2. Submit a statement making a case that what you have done in your workplace is equivalent to the content of the course. Please include the following details:
      • the extent to which your work requires research and analysis in a comparable way to the nominated course
      • the duration of your employment and fraction of employment, e.g. full time, or part time
      • the level of supervision you received whilst performing the above role/conducting the research
    3. You will also need to provide a letter from your employer verifying the details in your statement, presented on a company letterhead
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