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Classical Association

Membership of the Classical Association

If you wish to belong to the Classical Association, please send the application form with $5.00 (no charge for students) to Professor Han Baltussen, Classics, School of Humanities, University of Adelaide, SA 5005.


History of the Classical Association

The Founder Of The Classical Association, Henry Darnley Naylor

Born in 1872 in England, the fifth Hughes professor in Classics was one of the most distinguished of the eight incumbents from 1874 to 1992. He migrated to Melbourne in 1895 and held a teaching position at the university there before coming to Adelaide in 1907. He held the Hughes chair until 1927, when he retired early to promote the work of the League of Nations.
Horrified by the carnage of 1914-18, he was determined to prevent another world war. He died in 1945. An impressive man.

Minutes of the very first meeting of the Classical Association


In response to an invitation from Professor Naylor the following were present of Friday 20th March 1908.

               Mrs Dorsch                                            Rev. J. A. Fitzgerald                                                   
               Miss Cowperthwaite Rev C. J. Graebner
               Miss Lance Mr A. C. Fraser
               Miss Clark Mr D. M. Coghill
               Miss Jacob Mr W. R. Bayly
               Miss Williams Mr A. J. Brooks
               Miss Langman Mr J. E. Langley
               Miss Poole Mr B. P. Wait
  Mr D. H. Hollidge
  Mr G. A. McMillan

Reports received from Miss Holder, D. G. Byard, Brother Brendan, G. J. Hills.
Professor Naylor presided.
It was resolved that a Classical Association be founded.
The following officers were elected:

                Patron            - The Chancellor of the University of Adelaide                                             
                President           - Professor H. Darnley Naylor
                Vice-Presidents           - Professor Henderson, Professor Mitchell
                Hon. Sec.           - G. A. McMillan
                Hon. Treas.           - D. H. Hollidge
                Committee           - Miss Jacob, Miss Cowperthwaite, J. E. Langley
                Resolved           - That the first meeting of the Association be held on Friday 10th April.
                &             That the Resident Treasurer and Secretary draft the rules of the Association.
              The topics suggested for discussion at the next meeting were:
                      Text books


The Second Meeting

On the 10 th April, the rules of the association i.e. the constitution, were presented and adopted. The objectives included improving the practice of teaching the Classics and advertising new discoveries. Membership subscription was to be two shillings and six pence.

A letter from the Chief Justice of SA (Sir Samuel Way, who was also the university Chancellor) was read out by the president (Professor Darnley Naylor) consenting to become the association's patron. Professors Henderson and Mitchell (later Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor of the university and after whom the Mitchell building was named) became Vice-Presidents.

The topics for discussion foreshadowed at the first meeting were duly discussed. Should there be prescribed authors forthe public examinations in Greek and Latin? Most present felt there should.

As for the pronunciation of Greek and Latin, the guidelines of the Classical Association of Great Britain were considered suitable.
(What they decided about Greek accents is not recorded)

At the third meeting on 19th June, when 26 members were present, there was firstly a discussion on whether Ancient History should be offered as a separate exam subject or as an option under British history. The membersfavoured independence and separation.

Then followed a lecture on So-called Distributive Adjectives, the Gerund and the Gerundive.

The first financial statement in the minute book occurs after the last meeting in 1908. Income for the year was 1 pound 16 shillings and 2 pence. Expenditure was 1 pound 16 shillings and 3 pence. The society was in the red by 1 penny.

By 1915 the situation was much healthier. Income for the year was 5 pounds 5 shillings, and after expenditure, 2 pounds 6 shillings and 7 pence remained in the account.