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We have an active postgraduate body of students, making our Friday afternoon postgraduate seminars a lively exchange of ideas.

Our postgraduate students are provided with a workstation, if required, and also provided with support for their research, for example to give papers at conferences or to travel interstate or overseas for research purposes.

  • Postgraduate Study Options

    Postgraduate Coursework Programs

    *Please note that these programs are designed specifically for international students with Chinese language proficiency.

    Postgraduate Research

    See examples of research undertaken by our present and past Postgraduate students below.

  • Current Postgraduate Research Topics

    Maki Hammond Critiquing Modernity from Post 3-11 Japan: An Analysis of Ishimure Michiko Phenomenon (PhD)

    Haoran Huang Longing for Belonging: Representations of Homeness in Diaspora Chinese Literature (PhD)

    James Oswald Understanding China's 'Eco-civilisation' Project and its Implications for the Chinese People (PhD)

    Rie Shimizu 'Ikidzurasa (Sense of Alientation)' of Socially Excluded Youth in Japan (PhD)

    Xie XiaoXiao The Rise and Fall of Maoism in Australia (PhD)

    Andrew Hunter Cultural Diplomacy: National and Subnational Dimensions (MPhil)

    Xu Qi Loh Re-imagining Singapore today: Constructing a New Narrative (PhD)

    Bingling Wei Non-government Organisations in China: Study of Red Cross (PhD)

  • Theses Recently Completed

    Philip White (2015) Public Participation in Japan's Nuclear Energy Policy-Forming Process: Comparison of Pre- and Post-Fukushima Processes (PhD)

    Steven Attwood (2015) A Future to Pine For: Transmodernist Movement in Japan (MPhil)

    Yang Li (2015) China's Free Trade Agreement Diplomacy (PhD)

    (Roslyn) Joy Ricci (2014) A Psychobiographical Study of Lin Yutang - a 20th Century Transcultural Writer and Thinker (PhD)

    Xiuming Chen (2014) The Effectiveness and Appropriateness of the Use of Contemporary Chinese Popular Literature in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language: An Empirical Study in an Australian Univeristy Setting (PhD)

    Shurong Han (2014) Migrant Workers' Old-age Insurance Policies in China: Beyond an Economic Development Model (PhD)

    Min Zhao (2014) Chinese Urban Community Construction as a Grassroots Governance Strategy: Social Capital with Chinese Characteristics (PhD)

    Roger Irvine (2013) Forecasting China's Future: Experts and Uncertainty (PhD)

    Baohui Xie (2012) Media Transparency in China: a Critique of the Party-state Rhetoric and Market Discourses(PhD)

    Glen Stafford (2011) The Unexpected Transformations of Chinese International Students in Australia (PhD)

    Joel Rathus (2010) Japan's Response to the Rise of China: Implications for Regional Institutions (PhD)
    Book published based on the thesis: Japan, China and Networked Regionalism in East Asia, Palgrave Macmillan (2011)

    (Nganying) Serina Chan (2010) The Thought of Mou Zongsan (PhD)
    Book published based on the thesis: The Thought of Mou Zongsan (2011)

    Midori Kagawa-Fox (2010) The Ethics of Japan\x92s Global Environmental Policy (PhD)
    Book published based on the thesis: The Ethics of Japan\x92s Global Environmental Policy: the Conflict between Principles and Practice, Routledge, London & New York (2012)

    Ming (Hwa) Ting (2010) Singapore\x92s Foreign Policy: Beyond Realism (PhD)

    Heather Langford (2009) The Textiles of the Han Dynasty & their Relationship with Society (MA)

    Sofei Wong (2008) Reframing Futoko (School Non-attendance) in Japan: a Social Movement Perspective (PhD)

    Ming Lu (2007) Road to Prosperity: the Role of Ethnic Teochew Chinese in China\x92s Economic Development, 1978-2003 (PhD)

    Theses completed in Asian Studies before 2007 - download a full list.

  • Contact for Further Information

    For further details on Postgraduate study please contact:

    Dr Shoko Yoneyama
    Postgraduate Coordinator

Department of Asian Studies
Level 6, Kenneth Wills Building



T: +61 8 8313 5815
F: +61 8 8313 4388