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Choosing What to Study

When undertaking a program in Asian Studies, students need to give careful thought to their choice of courses.

  • Choosing Your Courses

    What you choose to study alongside Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian will have a major impact on your degree structure and career path. For example:

    • do you wish to work overseas?
    • do you wish to use your language in a professional career?
    • do you want to become a language teacher?
    • do you want to go into government service?
    • do you want to do a fourth-year honours?
    • do you want to do further research?

    Depending on your goals, you need to think about the types of subjects you choose to study alongside your language program. The language forms a basic foundation for all the others, but you also need to think whether:

    • you need to study for a professional qualification
    • you need to combine your language specialisation with a specialisation in another discipline
    • how many area studies subjects in Chinese and Japanese Studies you need to take in order to broaden your social and cultural knowledge of the language you study

    In making your decision you should consider the following:

    • proficiency in language is a skill in its own right, but unless you want to become a language specialist, you will need to combine your study with another discipline to help your career
    • a fourth-year honours and study abroad may be needed to raise your language skills to a high level
    • planning your combination of subjects is very important if you aim to do honours in Asian studies or joint honours with other disciplines
  • Courses Offered

    Current Course Offerings

    Major/Minor Sequences

    All of the above disciplines can be taken through to completion as part of a major or a minor. See the relevant major/minor list for an outline of the full sequences.

    *Indonesian is taught by Flinders University staff as part of an arrangement between the two universities. Refer to the Faculty of Arts website for enrolment details.

  • Asian Studies Major or Minor

    Studying a major in Asian Studies will give you insights into the beliefs, ideas and social, political and economic structures that shape Asian countries and society.

    Explore aspects of modern Asia's history, culture, literature, economics, trade and business.

    See the Asian Studies major/minor list for an overview of the sequence.

  • Diploma in Languages

    Study an Asian language sequence and graduate with two qualifications!

    You can choose to study Chinese, Indonesian or Japanese towards a Diploma in Languages adding, in most cases, only an extra semester to your studies.

    See the Faculty's Diploma FAQs for further details.

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