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Online Courses

Some courses in the Graduate Diploma in Art History (4 courses), the Graduate Certificate in Art History (2 courses) and the Professional Certificate in Art History (one course) are offered online for rural and remote students.

Lectures and Art Gallery videos are accessed online prior to the virtual tutorials which students participate in via logging into Blackboard Collaborate. Students need a Headset equipped with a microphone to participate in virtual tutorials.

The following courses are in online mode, but not all are available every year.

  • ARTH 5217 EX Portraiture and Power
  • ARTH 5212 EX Studies in Japanese Art
  • ARTH 5204 EX European Art: Renaissance to Revolutions
  • ARTH 5209 EX Studies in Australian Indigenous Art
  • ARTH 5203 EX Studies in Australian Art

View the University Course Planner to access the courses currently offered.


Applications are submitted in the usual way, via SATAC. Once you receive admittance, simply enrol in the on-line (EX) version of the course.

Student Feedback

"Fantastic access to top-class learning materials. I really liked the diversity of learning materials provided."
"Convenience of being at home to receive the content, as well as when contributing to the tutorial. Can use any computer in any location to login and participate in the tutorials."
"I really enjoyed the online class because I felt a greater sense of freedom since I could be anywhere and attend class. One great aspect of the online class was that I could go back to the lectures and Art Gallery sessions many times to gain a better understanding both of which were well put together and well researched'."
""The online course offers me the opportunity to continue with my busy life, but at the same time it allows me to contact my lecturers and other students on a weekly basis. It is nice to share ideas and thoughts with a diversity of people which prevents that feeling of isolation that can occur in completing a course by correspondence."
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