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The Department of Anthropology and Development Studies offers both Masters and PhD research degrees.

Postgraduate research students have an opportunity to study alongside leading scholars with extensive field and professional experience. Students complete an induction program designed to assist in the development of research skills and in refining their research topic. Throughout the duration of their candidature, students will be invited to contribute to a number of seminar series and the occasional postgraduate conference.

  • Information for Prospective Students

    Prospective postgraduate students are expected to have obtained a recognised competency in either Anthropology or Development Studies such as an Honours degree or a Research Master degree or a coursework Master where they have scored highly in the research component. The process is highly competitive and publications markedly increase the chances of success.

    Note: to be competetive for an international PhD scholarship you require a high grade, first class honours degree or an equivelent Masters coursework degree with a substantial theses component.

  • Recently Completed Postgraduate Student Theses
    Allen, M. 2016 Chase the Feeling: Making meaning in an autistic theatre company. M.Phil.
    Carr, E. 2014 Rebirthing: the transformation of personhood through embodiment and emotion. PhD.
    Gilson, A. 2015 Potential Futures: An ethnography of a Familial Cancer Counselling and Genetic Testing Unit. PhD Thesis.
    Greenland, N. 2012 Yūba : making modern youth, making new Nepal. PhD.
    Heathcote, A. 2015 Remember Forever: Relationships with the living and the dead in a Vietnamese online memorial site. PhD.
    Langsford, C. 2014 Cosplay in Australia: (re)creation and creativity: assemblage and negotiation in a material and performative practice. PhD.
    Liddle, V. 2013 Exile and migration of Pontic Greeks : the experience of loss as the presence of absence. PhD.
    Masciantonio, S. 2015 Mothering and Mental Illness: An ethnography of attachment in an institutional setting. PhD.
    Peters, M. 2011. Consuming identities: contemporary Japanese foodways in a global locale. PhD.
    Rodeghiero, J. 2015 The social production of loneliness amongst women of refugee background living in Adelaide, Australia. M. Phil.
    Skinner, W. 2015 Fermenting place: wine production and terroir in McLaren Vale, South Australia. PhD.
    Thrussell, E. 2016 A recipe for Identity: food and culture in Oaxaca, Mexico. PhD.
    Zagado, R. 2013 Human Agency, power and discourse: accomplishing farmwork through short messaging service (SMS) in the Philippines. PhD.

For all enquiries please contact the Postgraduate Coordinator

Department of Anthropology
& Development Studies

Ground Floor, Napier Building


T: +61 8 8313 5730