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Faculty Contacts

Please address all student enquiries to the Faculty of Arts Office.

Faculty of Arts Office

T +61 8 8313 5245

Location Napier Building, Ground Floor,
North Terrace Campus

Opening Hours
Mon, Wed, Thurs 9am - 5pm, Tues 11am - 5pm, Fri 9am - 4pm.

  • Executive Team

    Executive Dean

    Professor Jennie Shaw

    Faculty Executive Manager

    Mr Mark Pickford


    • Provides high level advice to the Executive Dean and Heads of Schools regarding the strategic and operational objectives of the Faculty.
    • Leads a high performing team to implement the University's strategic vision within the Faculty context.
    • Represents the Faculty of Arts on all corporate strategic matters within the University.

    Faculty Executive Officer

    Kath McCulloch


    • Provide executive support and advice to Executive Dean and Faculty Executive Manager regarding human resources, HSW, administrative issues, and the impact of University policies and procedures.
    • Ensure that the Faculty is compliant with all policies and procedures by monitoring, providing expert advice and direction to staff of the Faculty Office, Heads of School, School Managers, Faculty Executive Manager and the Executive Dean.
    • Strategic support and project work.

    Executive Assistant

    Ms Ann Pace


    • Manage the Executive Dean's diary and meeting requirements.
    • Manage the Faculty staff's HR files, ensuring all documentation is kept up to date and stored correctly on the University's Records Management System (TRIM).
    • Manage the Executive Dean's Meeting Room and ensuring Faculty Resources are booked appropriately.
    • Manage the Faculty Staff distribution list to ensure all communication is appropriate.

    Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HSW) Coordinator

    Jacki Rushby


    • Participate in the development, improvement and implementation of central Health Safety and Wellbeing (HSW) systems, processes, and policies as appropriate.
    • Coordinate the planning and implementation of required HSW activities in consultation with the Director HSW, Faculty HSW Manager, Faculty management and School Managers.
    • Maintain and communicate records related to HSW and compliance.
    • Provide administrative and executive support to the Faculty HSW Committee and Director HSW.
  • Associate Deans and Directors

    Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)

    Associate Professor Wayne Errington


    • Chair of the Faculty of Arts Learning and Teaching Committee.
    • Chair of the Advisory Board for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts (Advanced).
    • Coordinator of the Bachelor of Arts.
    • Oversees the Faculty's undergraduate programs, and postgraduate course work programs.
    • Represents the Faculty of Arts on numerous University committees responsible for learning and teaching matters.

    Associate Dean, Research

    Professor Rachel Ankeny


      • Oversees research strategies for competitive and non-competitive grant funding, excellence in traditional and non-traditional publication outputs, HDR work, Faculty-based research centres , and building of research culture within the Faculty, and advises the Executive Dean on these matters.
      • Convenes the Faculty Research Committee and guides its activities including Faculty small grant programs, ECR network, and consideration of SSP applications.
      • Co-convener of the Low Risk Ethics Committee for the Faculties of Arts and Professions

    Associate Dean, International and Engagement
    Deputy Director, Elder Conservatorium of Music

    Professor Mark Carroll


    • Oversight of the Faculty's engagement with international institutional partners, inbound and outbound course promotions and student recruitment.
    • Professor of Music at Elder Conservatorium: engaged in research, undergraduate teaching and postgraduate supervision.

    Director, Graduate Studies

    Associate Professor Natalie Edwards


    • Convene the Faculty Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Committee.
    • Approve commencing HDR candidates' research proposals.
    • Ensure compliance on University and Faculty policies related to HDR candidature.
    • Oversee a program of Research Training Skills and Professional Development to ensure a successful transition into the workforce for our HDR graduating students.
    • Represent the Faculty HDR program on relevant University committees
    • Facilitate the development of structures and practices which align the Faculty of Arts HDR program with counterparts in the other G08 universities and the highest ranking international universities.

    Director, Gender, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI)

    Dr Jenni Caruso


    • Make recommendations and implement strategies to address gender imbalance and other forms of under-representation with the Faculty.
    • Work to improve the representation of women in senior academic and management roles.
    • Improve attraction, retention and participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) staff and students.
    • Consider the experience of various cohorts including but not limited to: international, non-English speaking background, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex (LGBTQI) staff and students and staff and students with a disability.

    Director, Student Experience

    Ms Kayoko Enomoto


    • Working with Faculty's study skills team to support students.
    • Monitoring retention, progression, grade distribution monitoring, student experience data and other metrics relevant to the 'student experience' within the Faculty.
    • Developing appropriate mechanisms for cohort tracking and identification of 'at risk' students.
    • Assisting first year course coordinators in selection of appropriate curriculum design and pedagogy, particularly in relation to assessment.

    Director, Information Technology

    Dr Luke Harrald


    • Oversight of Information Technology strategy and policy within the Faculty, assisting the Executive Dean on these matters.
    • Assists and advocates for staff in IT related issues.
    • Represents the Faculty of Arts on various University committees relating to Information Technology and Infrastructure.

    Director, Health, Safety and Wellbeing

    Mr Steven Knopoff


    • Convener of the Faculty of Arts HSW Committee.
    • Assistance with Faculty HSW guidelines and documentation, in liaison with the HSW Coordinator.
    • Reporting on HSW matters to Arts Faculty Board.
    • Faculty of Arts Staff Representative on University Health and Safety Committee.

    Careers Research Training Scheme Officer (Postgraduate Research Students)

    Dr Cally Guerin


    • Liaise with Faculty staff and HDR students regarding research training needs.
    • Provide training in research skills for Faculty of Arts HDR students.
    • Facilitate professional development and career planning for HDR students.
  • Student and Learning Services

    Manager, Student & Learning Services

    Linda Christensen

    Student Services

    Team members:

    • Janine Donnell, Team Leader Student Services
    • Ashlee Sutherland, Student Advisor
    • May Loke, Student Advisor
    • Francess Cricelli, Student Advisor
    • Faith Blake, Assistant Student Advisor
    • Abby Beck, Assistant Student Advisor


    • Front line student advice
    • Provide students with study plans
    • Organise new student activities
    • International exchange/study tours
    • Organise student recruitment activities
    • Investigate student grievances and complaints
    • Process student completions and identification of Majors/Minors

    Student Administration

    Team members:

    • Ryan Cortazzo, Team Leader Student Administration
    • Karl Geiger, Senior Student Administration Officer
    • Louise Young, Senior Student Administration Officer
    • Rosie Bond, Senior Student Administration Officer


    • Process new program applications and admissions
    • Process student enrolment changes, late enrolments
    • Process applications for credit, cross-institutional, extensions (MACA), withdrawals, variations to enrolment
    • School prizes, awards, scholarships administration
    • Exam preparation including Replacement Exams and Additional Assessments
    • Investigate suspected academic dishonesty incidents
    • Undertake student enrolment and completion checks
    • Undertake Academic Progress processes
    • Organise music auditions for the Elder Conservatorium of Music
  • Learning and Teaching Support

    Team members:

    • Jane Turci, Team Leader Learning and Teaching
    • Sarah Cervone, Academic Support Coordinator
    • Lianne Heath, Academic Support Officer
    • Lizzie Chahla, Academic Support Officer (currently on maternity leave)
    • Marie Norris, Academic Support Officer
    • Sharon Lewis, Academic Support Officer
    • Suzanne Myers, Academic Support Officer


    • Assist students with enrolment issues with classes
    • Undertake Schools’ timetabling and scheduling and room bookings
    • Review classes and enrolments with HOS
    • Prepare load management and enrolment reports
    • Setup staff for Canvas access, SELTS
    • Curriculum development - program development & revision, update program rules in Calendar, course catalogue
    • Ensure Learning Quality compliance
    • Manage program/course articulation and TAFE agreements
    • Process final grades
    • Learning and Teaching and HDR Committee support
    • Support Associate Dean Learning and Teaching and Director Graduate Studies
  • Career Readiness and Internships

    Team members:

    • Robert Ewers, Manager, Internships and Industry Engaged Learning
    • Amanda Phillis, Careers and Internships Officer


    • Liaise with organisations and Schools for internships and placement opportunities
    • Liaise with academic staff for key organisations and contacts for internships
    • Organise student internship application processes
    • Undertake internship processes with organisations and schools
    • Promote future graduate employment opportunities
  • Marketing, Recruitment and Engagement

    Manager, Marketing, Recruitment and Engagement

    Lauren Grantham

    Contact Lauren for:

    • Overall marketing, recruitment and engagement strategy and planning for your area

    Marketing Coordinator (Creative and Publications)

    Beth Ottaway

    Contact Beth for:

    • Creative service requests and advice on marketing materials (digital and print)
    • Recruitment publications including Degree Finder and SATAC guide

    Student Recruitment Officer

    Kate Rees

    Contact Kate for:

    • Advice, support and delivery for your recruitment and marketing requests

    Marketing Officer (Digital Marketing and Communications)

    Sarah McArdle

    Contact Sarah for:

    • Website amendments and redevelopment
    • Faculty social media and communication channels

    Events Coordinator

    Candice Davis

    Contact Candice for:

    • Event planning, logistics, support, advice and delivery for your area

    Engagement and Alumni Officer

    Luke van Trigt


    • Implement programs of alumni engagement that address the needs of graduates, increase participation and encourage further support for the University's key priorities.
    • Facilitate opportunities for alumni to access online content and participate in opportunities based on their professional interests as part of a culture of life-long learning.
    • Develop mechanisms within the Faculty and Schools to identify and recognise notable and supportive alumni, facilitate opportunities for further engagement including recruitment and marketing initiatives, advocacy, volunteering and giving.

    Development Officer

    James Litt


    • Develop, build and nurture relationships with new and existing donors to and supporters of the Faculty of Arts.
    • Implement strong principles of stewardship for the Faculty's prize and scholarship program.
    • Promote philanthropic opportunities to support the Faculty at all levels.
    • Ensure the Faculty's case for support is up to date, well-articulated and readily accessible for key staff.
  • Finance and Planning

    Finance and Planning Manager

    Abhinay Katakam


    • Manage Faculty budget and provide strategic financial advice to Executive Dean, Executive Manager and Heads of Schools.
    • Implement the University's Financial Management Framework within the Faculty.
    • Develop and manage tasks related to Finance, HR and Travel and implement within the faculty and schools.
    • Manage the Faculty Finance Office team.

    Faculty Research Accountant

    Martin Kusabs


    • Provide assistance to researchers with the preparation of grant applications, budgets and project costing.
    • Provide general financial advice to researchers on their projects.
    • Manage research financial reporting and grant acquittals.
    • Maintain strong and effective working relationships with the central finance areas.

    Faculty Management Accountant

    Andrea Malone


    • Assisting with the management of the Faculty's reporting framework, budgeting tasks, annual forecasts and other ad-hoc financial management queries.
    • Assisting with the coordination of year end reporting requirements, compliance reviews across schools and monthly, quarterly and annual variance reporting.
    • Involved in the day to day operations and work in collaboration with the Schools/Centres of the Faculty to meet reporting obligations and promote compliance and efficiencies.

    Faculty Assistant Management Accountant

    Susie Smith


    • Assisting with the management of the Faculty's reporting framework, budgeting tasks, annual forecasts and other ad-hoc financial management queries.
    • Assisting with the coordination of year end reporting requirements, compliance reviews across schools and monthly, quarterly and annual variance reporting.
    • Involved in the day to day operations and work in collaboration with the Schools/Centres of the Faculty to meet reporting obligations and promote compliance and efficiencies.

    Faculty Support Officers

    • Tina Iankov
    • Connie Meyer
    • Maria Pinna
    • Cheryl Fischer
  • Research Development

    Research Development Manager

    Mr Simon Ladd


    • Responsible for developing a strategic business approach to opportunities for research growth in the Faculty.
    • Supports collaborative research culture, interdisciplinary teams and partnering, identifying research directions, building research capacity, and fosters research relationships with Government, NGO's and industry.
    • Advises the Executive Dean, Faculty Executive Manager and Associate Dean (Research) on strategic and operational research planning.

    Research Support Officer

    Rita Horanyi

Faculty of Arts
Ground Floor, Napier Building



T: +61 8 8313 5245

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