2021 Arts workshops

Join us for interactive workshops, crafted for your students to discover how the Arts can take them into exciting global careers.

Choose one, or choose them all! From French, English, Criminology, History, Creative Writing and Geography, or create your own custom workshop. Your students will learn exactly what it is like to study at SA’s leading university for graduate employability*. 


Media Day

Explore the wide world of media.

Our Media Day will allow students to experience the broad range of careers available when they study a Bachelor of Media. Starting with a Virtual Reality experience, students will be transformed into an augmented reality and see the futuristic world. Students will then visit our Sonic Arts, Music and Media labs and join a class with first-year students, finishing with a hands-on social media activity where they'll produce their own vlog, podcast or live cross.

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📅 Thursday 6 May

📍University of Adelaide


English Workshop

Explore a vast range of writing styles, think critically about poetry and reflect on stories and speeches composed by renowned figureheads.

Students will be encouraged to engage deeply and think critically about a range of English texts, including literary works and film. Register your interest below.

📅 Tuesday 8 June

📍University of Adelaide


Geography Matters Workshop

Discover how we can live in a way that is good for both people and the planet. 

Explore how to answer and resolve pressing issues such as climate change, over-population and food and water security. This is followed by a dynamic presentation from current Geography students who will talk about their experiences, including study tours, internships and future careers. Register your interest below.

📅 Thursday 10 June

📍University of Adelaide


Media Evening

Students, parents/guardians are invited to explore the wide world of media on offer at The University of Adelaide.

Our Media Evening welcomes future students and their parents/guardians to experience a broad range of career opportunities when they study a Bachelor of Media at The University of Adelaide.

Guests will have the chance to speak directly with academics about the Bachelor of Media, hear about our links and with industry, ask any questions and tour our state-of-the-art media facilities.

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📅 Thursday 15 July

📍University of Adelaide


French Day Out

Develop an understanding and appreciation of French culture through language, film and food.

Students will discover the wonders of French history, society and language as they are immersed in French culture through literature, film and food. Register your interest below.

📅 Tuesday 20 July

📍University of Adelaide


History Day Out

Explore the cultural, social, economic and political aspects of the lives of men and women throughout time.

Lively interactive presentations by academic historians will encourage students to explore the relationship between the past and the present, historians and their sources, and to realise how the skills of a historian are useful in many aspects of life and one’s career. Register your interest below.

📅 Friday 23 July

📍University of Adelaide


Criminology Workshop

Encompass the study of crime and deviance with our Criminology Workshop.

Students will explore the study of criminology through interactive activities and find out where a career in criminology can take them. Register your interest below.

📅 Tuesday 21 September

📍University of Adelaide


Creative Writing Workshop

Navigate the relationships between author, text and audience. Interpret text, literary works and film.

This workshop aims to inspire students with discussions and activities on a vast range of writing styles, to think critically about poetry and prose and reflect on speeches and stories delivered and composed by renowned authors and politicians. Register your interest below.

📅 Wednesday 22 September

📍University of Adelaide

  • Frequently asked questions

    How long do the workshops run for?

    2-2.5 hours.

    Can I attend more than one workshop?

    Yes, of course! Simply select a second workshop when registering your interest. If you would like to attend more than two, please leave a comment and we will contact you. 

    What if the workshop I'd like to attend isn't listed?

    If you would like to bring your students to custom workshops, we can arrange something exclusively for your school with our Arts @ Adelaide program. Please contact us directly.

    What will my students gain from the workshops?

    Students will have the opportunity to discuss their career aspirations with our university lecturers and put them on the path to learning how their interests can lead to the career they want. They will also get a feel for university life and hear directly from current students who are studying degrees in similar areas of interest.

    Is there a fee involved?

    No, there is no fee involved with our workshops. All students attending will receive a show bag with recess and teachers will be provided with morning or afternoon tea.

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