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2018 Arts Start Up Scholarships - Postgraduate Coursework

The Faculty of Arts Start Up Scholarship – Postgraduate Coursework is available to all Indian students who are seeking entry into a Faculty of Arts postgraduate coursework program in 2018. The scholarship provides a one-off AUD $4,000 start-up scholarship to contribute to travel and living costs.

To be eligible for the scholarship, prospective Indian students must apply for the above scheme via our online application form prior to the commencement of their studies. Applicants will then receive a confirmation email advising them of the outcome.

  • Entry Requirements

    In order to be eligible for consideration a student must:

    • Have applied to study in any postgraduate coursework program offered by the Faculty of Arts and be offered admission into Semester 1 or 2 2018 at the University of Adelaide; AND
    • Commence an academic program for the first time at the University of Adelaide AND;
    • Be a citizen of India
  • Selection Criteria

    The Arts Start Up Scholarship will be awarded to Indian students who satisfy the eligibility requirements and are still enrolled in their program past the University census date of the semester they commenced. The Scholarship will be awarded for academic excellence to outstanding Indian students at the discretion of the Faculty of Arts.

    Please note:  Prospective students must apply for the above scholarship via our online application form in order to be eligible. It will not be automatically granted upon admission into the University.

    In order to be selected as a Scholarship recipient, an applicant must -

    Complete an online application form by:

    • 14 January 2018 for Semester 1 of 2018 commencement
    • 17 June 2018 for Semester 2 of 2018 commencement

    Successful applicants will then receive an email to advise the outcome of the application from the Faculty of Arts.

  • Benefits

    The Faculty of Arts will provide a one-off start up scholarship of AUD $4000 to contribute to travel and living costs for students commencing a postgraduate coursework program within the Faculty of Arts in 2018.

    The scholarship provides a one-off, non-renewable payment for contribution to travel and living allowances only. The scholarship will be paid to the recipient after the relevant census date within the semester that they have commenced their studies in.
  • Visa Entitlements and Requirements

    Scholarship recipients are required to meet the cost of compulsory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), tuition fees, living costs and cost of return airfares. These costs will not be covered by the scholarship

  • Commencement

    The scholarship must be taken up within the academic year for which it is offered. The University may withdraw the scholarship if a candidate fails to provide any required documentation or provide false or misleading documentation.

  • Deferment and Withdrawal

    It is not possible to defer the scholarship and the scholarship cannot be transferred to any other institution.

  • Application Process

    An application for admission to a postgraduate/undergraduate coursework program in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide for 2018 entry will constitute an application for the scholarship. Please direct all scholarship application enquiries to Kate Rees.

    Successful recipients will receive the scholarship offer from the Faculty of Arts. To accept the scholarship, the recipient MUST accept the University offer of admissions by the deadline stipulated in the admissions offer letter. If no response is received by the specified deadline, the offer of the scholarship will lapse and may be withdrawn.
    The University reserves the right to amend the availability of the scholarship and/or the information provided in the scholarship details at any time.

  • Enquiries

    2018 Arts Start Up Scholarship -  Postgraduate Coursework Enquiries

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