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Postgraduate research students have an opportunity to work alongside leading scholars with extensive professional experience.

The Philosophy Department offers both an MPhil and a PhD by research. Students begin with an induction program to assist in developing their research skills and in settling on a research topic. During their candidature, students will be invited to contribute to postgraduate colloquia and sit in on honours seminars.

See our MPhil Handbook and PhD Handbook for further information.

Information about the research conducted in the Department is available on our research page.

  • Information for Prospective Students

    Prospective postgraduate students are expected to have obtained a recognised competency in Philosophy such as an Honours degree or a Research Master degree.

    Note: to be competitive for an international PhD scholarship you require a high grade, first class honours degree or an equivalent Masters coursework degree with a substantial theses component.

  • Current Postgraduate Student Theses
    Simon Eddy Simulation Space Iconicity in the Evolution of Language
    Robert Farquharson Connectionism and Basic Psychological Phenomena in Animals
    Patrick Keeley
    Anastasiya Kravchuk Picture Perception for Vision Science
    Michael Lazarou An Object-Level Account of Metaphysical Indeterminacy
    José Lezama  Naturalizing Moral Education
    Michael Lopresto Domesticating Innateness: An Analysis of Nativism in Cognitive Science
    Aisha Mahmood On the Nature of Deduction
    Andy Mckilliam Explicable Emergence and Conscious Experience
    Matthew Nestor A Structuralist Account of Mental Representation
    Khristos Nizamis Perception: Intentionality and Physicality
    Laura Ruggles Cognitive Phytophilosophy: Curing Plant-Blindness in Cognitive
    Science and Beyond
    Dook Shepherd
    Trevor Smith Mechanistic Explanation
    Adam Townsend Representation in Neural Networks
    Victoria Vázquez Troitiño The Mind's Representing Vehicles and Their Contents
  • Recently Completed Postgraduate Student Theses
    Kenneth Anderson Happiness, Morality and Public Policy
    Karen Bland The Good, the Right & the Exigencies of Life
    Glenn Carruthers A Cognitive Model of Self-Consciousness
    Mark Coleman  Realist and Anti-Realist Approaches in Philosophy of Science: Perspective and Representational Pluralism in Scientific Discovery
    Matt Fisher The Science of Social Reasoning and Decision-Making
    Alex Greville  A Consequentialist Evaluation of Industry Funding and Commercialisation of Public Biomedical Research
    Matthew Harvey Indeterminism and Personal Identity
    Chris Letheby The Philosophy of Psychedelic Transformation
    Nicole Krzys Schizophrenia and Self Monitoring: A Dual Deficit Approach
    Rosemary Lowry Reasons and Capacities
    Elizabeth Schier So What if Mary Didn't Know
    Mark Simms (MA) Form and Content in Mental Representation
    Esther Speight Medical Ethics: Autonomy and Chronic Condition Self-Management
    Diane Stringer  Temporal Experience and its Future-Directed Aspects
    Jason Tillett (MPhil) Is the Virtuous Life Necessary to Flourish?
    Andrew J Turner The C PLUS A Theory of Time
    Nicole Vincent Responsibility, Compensation and Accident Law Reform
    Mathew Wenham The Role of Pleasure in Happiness and Well-being

If you're interested in Postgraduate study, please contact our Postgraduate Coordinator Denise Gamble.

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