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Further Enquiries

Level 7, Napier Building
North Terrace Campus
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005 Australia

Email: School of Humanities
Phone: +61 8 8313 4249
Facsimile: +61 8 8303 4341

Undergraduate Timetable 2017

First Semester

Second Semester

Level I

PHIL 1101 Argument and Critical Thinking
Monday 12pm, Napier 102 
Wednesday 1pm, Medical School Nth N103

PHIL 1102 Mind and World
Tuesday 11am, Engineering North N158
Thursday 12pm, Mawson G19

Level I

PHIL 1110 Introduction to Logic
Monday 2pm, Napier G04

Thursday 10am, Engineering Nth N158

PHIL 1103 Morality, Society & the Individual
Tuesday 11am, Johnson G29
Thursday 11am, Ligertwood 333

Advanced Level

PHIL 2031 Crime and Punishment
Thursday 1-3pm, Barr Smith South 534

PHIL 2032 Naturalising Morality
Wednesday 9am-12pm,
Engineering & Mathematics EM205

PHIL 2039 Philosophy of Mind
Tuesday 2-5pm, Barr Smith South, 534

PHIL 2042 Moral Problems
Monday 11am, Badger G31
Thursday 11am, Ligertwood 333

PHIL 2050 Philosophy of Science
Monday 10am, Napier 209
Tuesday 10am, Barr Smith South 3022

Advanced Level

PHIL 2030 Cognitive Science
Wednesday 12-3pm, Engineering Sth S111

PHIL 2035 Foundations of Modern Philosophy
Wednesday 9am-12pm, Barr Smith South 3022

PHIL 2045 Professional Ethics
Tuesday 10am-1pm, Horace Lamb 422

PHIL 2112 Beauty: Pleasures & Principles
Tuesday 1-4pm, Horace Lamb 422

PHIL 3014 Epistemology: Knowledge, Truth and Justification
Thursday 3-6pm, Barr Smith South 534

ANAT SC 3500 - Ethics, Science and Society
Tuesday 10am-12pm, Napier 209
Friday 2-4pm, Lower Napier LG24