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Level 7, Napier Building
North Terrace Campus
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005 Australia

Email: School of Humanities
Phone: +61 8 8313 4249
Facsimile: +61 8 8303 4341

Philosophy Research

The Philosophy Discipline at Adelaide has a vibrant research culture, and contributes to many areas of contemporary philosophy. If you are interested in doing research with us see our postgraduate page. You may also like to explore our staff pages for further details of teaching, research and publications.

Our research interests include:


Value Theory, Imagination, Pleasure
Aesthetic judgment
Classical Aesthetics

Jenny McMahon
Gamble / McMahon
Jenny McMahon

Philosophy of Art

  Jenny McMahon
Philosophy of Biology Philosophy of Microbiology, Explanation in Biology
History of Biology, Model Organisms

Pamela Lyon
Rachel Ankeny

Cognitive Science

Foundations of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry
Neurocomputational Models of Cognition
Theories of Perception
Cognitive Biology

Philip Gerrans
O'Brien / Opie
Jon Opie
/ Lyon

Self Knowledge, Memory
Formal Epistemology

Jordi Fernandez
Antony Eagle

Epistemology, Moral Theory

McMahon / Gamble
Denise Gamble
Philosophy of Language

Semantic Realism, Linguistic Meaning 
Conditionals, Modality, Pragmatics, Fictionalism
Generics and Habituals

Denise Gamble
Antony Eagle
Antony Eagle 
Legal Philosphy

Philosophy of Criminal Law, Liberal Legal Theory
General Jurisprudence

Denise Gamble
James Morauta


Paraconsistent Logic, Impossible Pictures
Modal Logic, Algorithmic Randomness

Chris Mortensen
Antony Eagle
Philosophy of Mind

Consciousness, Mental Representation, Self
Rationality, Weakness of Will, Self-deception
Nature of Mind
Philosophy of Action

O'Brien / Opie
Jordi Fernandez
Pamela Lyon
James Morauta


Mental Causation, Program Explanation
The Determinable-Determinate Relation
Reduction and Emergence
Causation, Mereology, Ontology
Persistence, Time, Modality

Fernandez / O'Brien
Jordi Fernandez
Opie / Fernandez
Eagle / Opie
Antony Eagle
Moral Philosophy

Metaethics, Normative Ethical Theory, Applied Ethics
Naturalised Theories of Ethics and Value 
Bioethics, Personhood, Moral Status of Animals
Ethical/Policy Issues in Genetics and Reproduction
Moral Fictionalism

Cullity / Morauta
Gerard O'Brien
Denise Gamble
Rachel Ankeny
Antony Eagle

Political Philosophy

Theories of Justice, History of Political Thought

Philip Gerrans
James Morauta

Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Physics 
Space and Time, Quantum Theory
Scientific Knowledge, Confirmation, Explanation
Explanation in the Biological Sciences
Models and Case-based Reasoning in Science
Realism/anti-realism, Chance and Probability 

Nerlich / Mortensen / Eagle
Nerlich /Mortensen
Opie / Eagle
Pamela Lyon
Rachel Ankeny
Antony Eagle