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Dr Pamela Lyon
ARC Postdoctoral Fellow
708 Napier Building
North Terrace Campus

Email: Pamela Lyon
Phone: +61 8 8303 4920
Fax: +61 8 8303 4341


The publications listed below provide insight into the kind of thinking that lies behind cognitive biology and specifically the collaborative ARC research project. Publications produced under the aegis of the project will be noted as such. 

Cognitive Biology (theoretical framework)

Stotz, K & Griffiths, P (2008) Biohumanities: Rethinking the relationship between biosciences, history and philosophy of science, and society, Quarterly Review of Biology 83(1):37-45.

Lyon, P (2006) The biogenic approach to cognition, Cognitive Processing 7:11-29.

Lyon, P (2006) The Agent in the Organism: Toward a Biogenic Theory of Cognition, PhD thesis, The Australian National University, Canberra. Introduction (rationale for looking at the foundations) & Chapter 4 (sample biogenic hypothesis).

Biogenic approach

Lyon, P & Keijzer, F (2007) The human stain: Why cognitivism can’t tell us what cognition is and what it does, in B. Wallace et al, eds., The mind, the body and the world: Psychology after cognitivism?, Imprint Academic, Ch.5 pp.132-165.

Lyon, P (2007) From quorum to cooperation: Lesson from bacterial socialityStudies in History and Philosophy of Science: Series C, Biological and Biomedical Sciences 38(4):820-833.

van Duijn, M, Keijzer, F & Franken, D (2006) Principles of minimal cognition: Casting cognition as sensorimotor coordinationAdaptive Behavior 14(2):157-170. [A detailed look at two-component signal transduction in bacteria.]

Lyon, P (2004) Autopoiesis and knowing: Reflections on Maturana’s biogenic explanation of cognition, Cybernetics & Human Knowing 11(4):21-46.

Representation and computation

O'Brien, G & Opie, J (forth) The role of representation in computation, Cognitive Processing

O'Brien, G & Opie, J (2004) Notes toward a structuralist theory of mental representation, in H.Clapin, P.Staines & P.Slezak, eds., Representation in Mind: New Approaches to Mental Representation, Elsevier.