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Department of Linguistics
School of Humanities
Napier Building Level 7
Room 722
The University of Adelaide

Phone: +61 8 8313 4249
Fax: +61 8 8313 4341

Mobile Language Team
230 North Tce, Level 3
Phone: +61 8 8313 0707

Kaurna Warra Pintyandi
Mondays & Thursdays
Phone: + 61 8 8313 3343

Faculty Office
Napier Building, Ground Floor
North Terrace Campus
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005 Australia

Opening hours:
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9am-5pm
Wed 11am-5pm

Phone: +61 8 8313 5245
Facsimile: +61 8 8313 4382

Ask Adelaide
Phone: +61 8 8313 5208
(Country and interstate callers toll free on 1800 061 459)

Postgraduate Study in Linguistics

Linguistics is the study of human language in its various forms and uses. It addresses both language in general and the properties of individual languages. Linguistics explores the connection between language, culture and knowledge; between discourse, belief and behaviour. Linguistics examines the role of language in human communication; the way people use language to interact with one another and their environment; language acquisition; preservation and loss.

Masters and PhD Research Programs

The Department of Linguistics has a strong research group of Masters and PhD scholars studying topics including: indigenous languages, teaching and learning languages, communication in workplaces, technoliteracies, and language planning. The Department's research strengths cover these topics and more. For further information:

See The Guide for Higher Degree Students.

Coursework Programs in Applied Linguistics

The University offers career qualifications in applied linguistics: Graduate Certificate (1 semester), Graduate Diploma (2 semesters), and Masters in Applied Linguistics (4 semesters). These programs will develop professional expertise in fields such as:

  • Language in education
  • Languages teaching (first, second and foreign languages)
  • Workplace communication
  • Language and communication
  • Language planning and language maintenance

The Advantages

  • A scholarly research community
  • Internationally recognised research in the areas of:
    • Social practices and language learning
    • Language testing
    • Ecolinguistics
    • Multiliteracies and e-learning environments
    • Workplace communication
    • Language planning

Courses are offered face-to-face, after hours, commencing in either first or second semester. See the Postgraduate Program Finder  or the Course Planner for a detailed listing of the courses in the program.

Course Code Course Title Units Semester Co-ordinator(s)
LING 5004 Meaning as Choice 6 1 Dr John Walsh 
LING 5011 Language, Learning and Linguistics 6 2 Dr Peter Mickan
LING 5112 Field Linguistics 6 2 Dr Rob Amery
LING 5020 Discourse Analysis (not in 2014) 6 2 Dr John Walsh
LING 5022 Linguistics Research Seminar I 3 1 Professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann
LING 5023 Linguistics Research Seminar II 3 2 Dr Rob Amery
LING 5113 Language Planning 6 1 Professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann
LING 5501

Dissertation in Linguistics Sem 1
Dissertation in Linguistics Sem 2

12 1 or 2 Dr John Walsh

Download the the Graduate Handbook  for further information with regards to the Applied Linguistics programs and dissertation. Or contact:

Dr John Walsh
Co-ordinator Postgraduate Applied Linguistics Programs
School of Humanities, University of Adelaide

Writing for Linguistics

by Dr Peter White

A guide for writing for Linguistics , with special attention to the Dissertation.

Forms for Dissertation

Intention to submit form
Submission details

Postgraduate Students (Research) and their Areas of Research

PhD/Masters Student Area of Research
Hesham Al-Yousef

An Interdisciplinary Case Study of the Academic Literacy Practices of Non-native English Speaking Saudi Postgraduate Students in Australia

Tariq Elyas

TESOL and Pedagogy: an Investigation on pedagogy and TESOL Development in one Saudi Arabian University

 Ria Fahlberg

Discourses on Anorexia: towards a cultural understanding in Australia and Sweden

Yuhiko Fujiwara

Language Maintenance

Catherine Irving

A Study of Language Use in Relation to Antarctica and an Analysis of its Environmental Impact

Aiyoub Jodairi Pineh

Exploring aspects of impacts of consciousness-raising and genre-focused modality in exploitation of grammatical metaphor in a class of Iranian EFL academic

Jodie Martin

Academic literacies of music students or literacies and all that jazz

Johanna Motteram

"Tone" and language test rating scale descriptors

Phuong My Nguyen

A Study of the Role of Sino-Vietnamese Elements in the Standardisation of Vietnamese Computer Terminology

Bronwyn Parkin

Scaffolding science with low socio-economic and ESL primary students

Margareta Rebelos

Bilingual First Language Acquisition: Slovak-English bilingualism

Jessica Scott

Language in education

Clara Stockigt

An analysis of An Aranda Grammar; T.G.H. Strehlow's 1938 description of Arrernte

Guy Tunstill

Flinders Ranges Language

Akiko Tomita

Bilingualism and Biculturalism in Japanese Students in Australia


A comparison of Acehnese dialects

Udom Srinon

A longitudinal study of developments in the academic writing of Thai university students in the context of a genre based pedagogy.

Celine Chu Poh Yoke

Picture book reading in a new arrival context: A multimodal perspective on teaching reading.

Nayia Cominos

Managing the subjective: Dialogistic positioning in undergraduate essays.

Glenda Inverarity

Language, Socialisation and the Holy Grail of Successful Settlement

Mi-Ok Lim

Exploration of Social Practices in English Classes - a Qualitative Investigation of Classroom Talk at a Korean Secondary School

Sharif Moghaddam

Students' Preparation for IELTS: Development of Written and Oral Argumentative texts

Karmila Mokoginta

The Intercultural Analysis of Indonesian and Australian Students' Nonverbal Behaviour: an Effort to Develop Intercultural English Learning Material

Petter Naessan

Aspects of Yankunytjatara Continuity and Change

Joshua Nash

Insular Toponymies: Place-naming on Norfolk Island, South Pacific and Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

Simmee Oupra

Language Policy in Northern Thailand

Hiromi Teramoto

New-Arrival-Ness as a Social Construct: A Qualitative Case Study

Duc Duy Vo

Style, structure and ideology in English and Vietnamese business hard news reporting: a comparative study.

Miwako Wakizaka

A Study of Highlands Tok Pisin in the Standardisation of Tok Pisin

 Shu-Hui Yu

English Learning Strategies of AFL Students in Ling Tung College in Taiwan

Postgraduate Students (Coursework) and their Areas of Research

Masters Coursework

Area of Research / Completed Dissertations
Amanda Jensen

Discourse in Bank world: social semiotic issues in banking

Clara Sim

Code switching across borders: Singaporeans living in Australia

Duong Thuy Hoang

Research on th euse of texts in teaching Vietnames: an application of test-based instruction

Belinda Sunstrom

Let's Enjoy Reading in Japanese! A Japanese Language Extensive Reading Program

Meng Sun

Analysis of ‘Martian Language' in China

Nutcha Euanorasetr

A case study of two Thai ESL students in Adelaide on the influence of a 14-week extensive reading program

Ray Winterfield

Text-based curriculum renewal and enactment in an Indonesian non-native English setting

Javier Diaz

A case study of teaching Spanish to students with different levels of skills

Simon Eddy

The semiotic topology of vocal power and caricature in the systems of play in early childhood: somatic and semantic shape

Lissette Ramos Marin

SFL discourse analysis of group interactions in academic literacy learning environments.

Aisha Al-Harthi

Is there a need to teach international students the required genres of writing before they commence their academic studies? A qualitative case study of a student's academic writing development.

Yuwei Li

The analysis of Editorials: a Case student of North Korea's failed missile launch

Michelle Ai Ling Thong

Parallel Collisions - Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art 2012: A Multimodal Analysis of an Art Exhibition in SA

Coral Campbell

A (critical) discourse analysis of Alan Greenspan's public discourses on the housing bubble, the trigger to the global financial crisis

Irma Kuci

Curriculum renewal in English LanguageTeaching & Learning in Albania: An Exploration of the Language Learning Pedagogy ...

Abrar Jabbar Al-Rafaee

An analysis of the academic literacy practices and socialisation in the Discipline of International Relations

Merina Devira

Literacy practices for new postgraduate International Students in writing a critical review in the IAP in Australia

Ahmad Junaidi

Curriculum review of English teacher preparation in Indonesia: a case study of the Department of English Education, University of Mataram

Wei Wei

Think out of the box: Socialisation through in and out of class activities in teaching Chinese as a second language in China.

Leila Mekhtiev The Australian Core Skills Framework as an assessment tool in the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program (SFL perspective)
Clare Knox Now we are all friends.
Aprina Prasetya A case study of meaning making of a non verbal autism spectrum disordered child.