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Japanese on Exchange

The Faculty has rules and recommendations in place for students wishing to study Japanese language courses on exchange.

When your application has been accepted by the Global Learning Office and you know which Japanese University you are going to, you will need to make an appointment with the Japanese Studies Coordinator, Ms Kayoko Enomoto to obtain Japanese language course pre-approval.

Before making this appointment for course pre-approval, you are required to:

  1. Read the information below and check your eligibility to study Japanese language courses on exchange based on your current GPA.
  2. Read the information below regarding the placement test requirements at your Japanese University (on your arrival) and at the University of Adelaide (on your return).
  3. Obtain your personalised 'study plan' from the Faculty Office. This will help you see how the Japanese language courses on exchange could fit within your plan. Request a personalised study plan here.
  4. Download and fill in the Exchange Specified Approval Form. Bring this to your meeting.
  • Eligibility for Japanese Language Study

    We recommend that only students sitting on a distinction/high distinction average for Japanese language courses at the time of application pursue Japanese language study on exchange. Pass/credit average students are advised to study non-language courses on exchange e.g. towards electives or a different major/minor etc.

    The reasons for our recommendation are:

    • you will be required to sit a placement test at your host university before commencing your exchange study, and distinction/high distinction grades at the University of Adelaide will help to ensure you are placed at the appropriate level of language study
    • you will also be required to sit a placement test upon your return from exchange, which will determine whether you can progress to the next level of language study at the University of Adelaide

    Furthermore, our past experience tells us that students benefit substantially more in the development of their overall language skills if they have completed Level I and Level II Japanese prior to going on exchange.

  • On Exchange

    While on exchange, you must elect to study reading and writing courses as well as listening and speaking. All of these elements will be tested upon your return.

    It is expected that you will act as an ambassador for the University by attending all classes and putting effort into your language studies.

  • Upon Return from Exchange

    As mentioned above, you will be required to sit a placement test upon return, to make sure that you have progressed in all aspects of Japanese language while on exchange. You must pass this test to move on to the next level of Japanese study at the University of Adelaide.

    If you have been placed at the right level of study and apply yourself to improving your Japanese on exchange, you are likely to pass the placement test.

    Please note the following implications of failing the placement test:

    • you will not be able to move on to the next level of Japanese and must repeat the level upon your return
    • your credit transfer may be affected and may differ from your original faculty approval
    • completion of your studies may be delayed, particularly if you are working towards a Japanese major, minor or Diploma in Languages

Please contact the Faculty Office if you have any questions.

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