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Discipline of Asian Studies
The University of Adelaide
North Tce Campus
Level 5
The Ligertwood Building
Adelaide, 5005.

Phone +61 8 8313 5815
Fax +61 8 8313 4388

Asian Studies

The Centre for Asian Studies was established within the University of Adelaide in 1975 to develop a program of Chinese and Japanese studies. It is the only institution in South Australia offering a full sequence of Chinese and Japanese language courses. Indonesian is offered at the University of Adelaide by Flinders University.

We are committed to the pedagogical principle that languages cannot be taught in a vacuum, isolated from their cultural, social and historical context. We also see the Centre as contributing to the ‘cultural' dimension of the Faculty, a dimension of generic importance to the intellectual integrity of the disciplines and areas of knowledge which constitute our Faculty.

The significance of Asia for Australia's future is widely recognised in the community, in the schools system and by government. As a result, an increasing number of employment opportunities are opening up for graduates with expertise in the area.

While there are a number of paths leading to the acquisition of Asia-related expertise, the Centre is keen to promote the BA (Asian Studies) degree. The structure of this degree enables students to combine language, area studies, and training in a particular skill or discipline. This structure enables students to combine language skills with both a deeper understanding of Asian cultures and societies, and the ability effectively to employ this knowledge in their future careers. Language majors available are Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian.

Students may choose to study only language courses, only Asian Studies social science and humanities courses, or a combination. Centre staff are always happy to advise students on how best to match courses to achieve their desired aims.

Centre graduates have gone on to follow professional, administrative, and clerical and professional careers in government departments (such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) and other government departments, international agencies, the media, service industries (such as tourism), consultancies, business and law. Other students have, after gaining additional qualifications, gone to work in the become primary, secondary or tertiary education teachers sectors. An increasing number of Centre graduates are living and work ing in various capacities in countries in throughout Asia.

As political, social and economic ties between Australia and Asia develop, the range and availability of interesting and fulfilling employment opportunities for Asian Studies graduates will continue to grow.

View some comments from our past graduates here, and see what they are doing now.

Asian Studies